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As a service to our customers we are providing access to labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Pest Control Professionals may download them or link to them from your websites.

AC 90 Label AC 90 MSDS

Advance 388B Ant Bait Label Advance 388B Ant Bait MSDS

Advance Dual Choice Label Advance Dual Choice MSDS

Advance Gran Ant Label

Advance Gran Ant MSDS

Advance Gran Carp Ant Label

Advance Gran Carp Ant MSDS

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait label

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait MSDS

Air Devil Label

Air Devil MSDS

Apicide Label

Apicide MSDS

Archer Label

Archer MSDS

Avert Dust Cockroach Bait Label

Avert Dust Cockroach Bait MSDS

Avert Gel Cockroach Bait Label

Avert Gel Cockroach Bait MSDS

Avitrol Whole Corn Label

Avitrol Whole Corn MSDS

Bedlam Label

Bedlam MSDS

Borid Label

Borid MSDS

BTI Briquettes Label

CB-80 Label


Contrac Blox 8-03 MSDS

Contrac Blox Label

CyKickCS Label


D-Foam Label


D-Force Label

D-Force MSDS

DeltaDust Label

DeltaDust MSDS

Demand CS Label

Demand CS MSDS

Detex Monitoring Blox Label

Detex Monitoring Blox MSDS

Ditrac Tracking Powder Label

Ditrac Tracking Powder MSDS

Drax Ant Kil Gel Label

Drax Ant Kil Gel MSDS

Ficam Dust Label

Ficam Dust MSDS

Final Blox Label

Final Blox MSDS

Generation Mini Blocks Label

Generation Mini Blocks MSDS

Gentrol IGR Label

Gentrol IGR MSDS

Gentrol Point Source Label

Gentrol Point Source MSDS

Gourmet Ant bait gel Label

Gourmet Ant bait gel MSDS

HydroPy-300 MSDS

HydroPy-300 Label

InVade BioFoam Label

InVade BioFoam MSDS

Invader Baygon Label

Invader Baygon MSDS

Konk Foam Label

Konk Foam MSDS

Larva-lur baygon Label

Larva-lur baygon MSDS

Maxforce Ant Bait Gel Label

Maxforce Ant Bait Gel MSDS

Maxforce Ant Bait Stations Label

Maxforce Ant Bait Stations MSDS

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel Label

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel MSDS

Maxforce FC 3 pk bait Label

Maxforce FC 3 pk bait MSDS

Maxforce FC Gel bait Label

Maxforce FC Gel bait MSDS

Maxforce FC Select Label

Maxforce FC Select MSDS

Maxforce Granular Insect Bait Label

Maxforce Granular Insect Bait MSDS

Maxforce Roach Bait Stations Label

Maxforce Roach Bait Stations MSDS

Microcare Label

Microcare MSDS

Monitors & Glue trap MSDS

Mosquito Bits Label

Mosquito Bits MSDS

Mosquito Dunks MSDS

Niban FG Label


Nibor D Label

Nibor D MSDS

Nutrabait Label

Nutrabait MSDS

Onslaught Label

Onslaught MSDS

Orthene Label

Orthene MSDS

Permacide P-1 Label

Permacide P-1 MSDS

PermaDust Label


Phantom Label

Phantom MSDS

Pre-Empt Gel Bait Label

Pre-Empt Gel Bait MSDS

Precor 2000 Label

Precor 2000 MSDS

Precor IGR Label


Premise 2 Label

Premise 2 MSDS

Propoxur Label

Propoxur MSDS

Recruit III AG Label


Recruit III Label

Recruit III MSDS

Recruit IV Label

Recruit IV MSDS

Sentricon Label

Sentricon Recruit II MSDS

Sentricon Recruit III AG Label

Sentricon Recruit III Label

SuperPermacide II MSDS

SuperPermicideII Label

Talstar Flowable Label

Talstar One Label

Talstar One MSDS

Talstar PL Granular Label

Termidor SC

Termidor SC Label

Termidor SC MSDS

Termidor SC Solutiion MSDS

Tim-bor Label

Tim-bor MSDS

Uncle Alberts Ant Bait Label

Uncle Alberts Ant Bait MSDS

Pesticide Manufacturers

This list will be updated periodically but not necessarily at the exact time a new product is introduced or a label is changed by the manufacturer.

  Each of the labels and MSDS are distributed as Adobe PDF files.

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